Negros Oriental Adventure – Pulangbato Smokey Mountain, Pulangbato Twin Waterfalls, Red Rock Hotspring and Casaroro Waterfalls 

This is my first time to travel to Negros Oriental so I am pretty excited to see what this neighboring province of Cebu has to offer.

Maximizing on the two rest days I have from work, I decided to take this trip to Negros Oriental with  my major stop in Dumaguete. Lucky enough I was able to take advantage of my  Asia Miles points to redeem free hotel stay for my travel.

Being a solo backpack traveler, I see to it that I am well prepared for this trip, plan my itineraries, google map corresponding tourist spots in the area and of course travelling lite with minimal budget at hand.

So I took the direct Ceres bus to Dumaguete at South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. Approximately bus fare including the ferry ride cost Php 700 for the round trip from Cebu City to Dumaguete.

It was already noontime when we left Cebu City. It took almost 5 hours to reached Liloan port, another one hour on the ferry boat to Sibulan and then another hour to reached Dumaguete Bus Terminal.  It was already past 8 pm when we finally arrived in Dumaguete City.  I am completely famished and exhausted from the long travel. Good thing I had taken a few bites of kutchinta and chicharon when we passed by Carcar in Cebu.

I finally landed in Dumaguete safe and sound. The place was not the same as Cebu City.  No traffic, no taxis but only tricycles to take you in the city, there were less people and no high rise buildings compared to what you see in Cebu City.

So I finally checked in at  Island Leisure Boutique and Spa in Bantayan,  Dumaguete City.The hotel was quite nice, homey and beautiful interior designs. I did like the place and I was fortunate to be provided with a Premier Room during my stay with bigger and upgraded room amenities.

Photos of my FREE room  at Island Leisure Boutique and Spa courtesy of Asia Miles.

I had a very good and quite sleep in my room with no disturbance. The next morning, my breakfast was served early at 6 am as I requested. I had a delicious American breakfast just what I need to make my stomach full for my planned day trip activities.

First Stop: Pulangbato Smokey Mountain

Indeed you can see that the mountain was smoking and you can smell the sulfur scent in the area. The place was just along the road on the way to Negros Oriental Power Plant.

Second Stop: Pulangbato Twin Waterfalls

Entrance Fee: Php 25.00 only

The place was called Pulangbato Twin Waterfalls because you can see two waterfalls on each side. The other waterfalls is having sulfur water which they say is good for curing body ailments while the other is having fresh water which is a source of drinking water for the residents of Pulangbato.

In the area you can also see native room cottages that are available for day and overnight use with room rates ranging from Php 1000 – Php 1500 per night.

Third Stop: Red Rock Hot Spring which is only 10 minutes away from Pulangbato Waterfalls

Entrance Fee: Php 30.00 only

The place was not big and the water was not too deep. The place is nice to enjoy the hot spring  water and spent time with loved ones.   The water temperature is  moderate and bearable that usually becomes quite hot during the summer season.

Fourth and Final Stop: Casaroro Waterfalls

Entrance Fee: Php 20

From Pulangbato, it is a 30 minute drive up to the mountain of Valencia to be able to see and experience the beautiful Casaroro Waterfalls.

To reach Casaroro Waterfalls you have to go down 350 steps on a steel stairway below from the entrance and once you reached the ground, you have to maneuver yourself amidst the big rocks rubble remnant of the damages brought by typhoon Yolanda from the past years There was supposedly a cemented pathways to  Casaroro waterfalls but it was all destroyed. It was a challenging, difficult and quite dangerous slippery trek. I almost gave up along the way but decided to exhaust all my strength to complete this trip and think of the unknown reward that awaits me in the end.

Indeed it was breathtaking and I am glad I pursue to continue in my adventure!  Casaroro Falls is like a hidden paradise in the forest.  Experiencing the natural wonder, strong water  current of this beautiful waterfalls is truly unforgettable and quite an achievement.

I stayed there for awhile and I just loved the sight and sound of Casaroro  waterfalls. It was energizing to my soul and make me appreciate the gift of nature.

This has been a day well spent in Negros Oriental and definitely I will be back to see more of the other nice places that this province has to offer.

This trip makes me fell in love even more with local travel in the Philippines. Still so many nice places and different islands to see and discover in the coming days.


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